Mission Statement

The Hellenic Bar Association seeks to:


  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the administration of justice in the State of Illinois;

  • Increase members' effectiveness and efficiency in the practice of law;

  • Ensure that bench and bar adhere to acceptable professional and ethical standards;

  • Improve public understanding of the functions and importance of our Legal and Constitutional System and encourage respect therefor;

  • Increase public understanding and respect for the legal profession; and

  • Increase public understanding of the role of Hellenism in the law.


The Objectives of the Hellenic Bar Association are to:


  • Establish and maintain the honor and dignity of the profession of the law and to promote the general welfare of the members thereof:

  • Improve the public understanding of the role of Hellenism in the law;

  • Cultivate social relationships among its members;

  • Increase the usefulness of the legal profession in promoting the due administration of justice and the public good;

  • Promote the interests of the public and advocate for the legal rights of the people of the United States


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