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Committee Chair(s)   Officer Liaison  Committee Description
Communications                                       Eleni Katsoulis    Vicki   Hallock Coordinates communications by the HBA and among its members through email, social media and this website.
Eleni Katsoulis

Carrie Karis Plans and coordinates member events.
External Relations Elias Mossos
Mark Hassakis
Tom Massouras                           Promotes the HBA in the community and coordinates charitable and community relations activities on behalf of the HBA.
Fundraising Steven Zaris
Dean Dussias
 Dean Kanellos Coordinates all fundraising activities for the Hellenic Bar Foundation.
Judge's Night Jeff Chrones
George Canellis                 
Dean Kanellos  Plans and coordinates our annual Judge's Night event honoring federal and state judges. 
Judicial Evaluation Dean Marinakis
Athena Farmakis
 Tom Massouras                                                                                       Coordinates the evaluation of all judicial candidates in alliance with other bar associations. The Judicial Evaluation Committee is not open to participation by members who are currently a judge, currently seeking to be a judge, or in the past 2 years have sought the appointment or election to the bench.
Law Day  Tina Tsatsoulis
Georgia Demeros

Maria Vathis  Plans and coordinates the annual grade school essay contest of the Hellenic Bar Foundation.
Lawyer of the Year Tom Massouras  Eleni Kouimelis Solicits nominations and selects the "HBA Lawyer of the Year."
Membership  John Gountanis
Steve Zaris
Dean Kanellos  Recruits members to the HBA and maintains the involvement of the active members of the HBA.
Mentor Program  Eleni Katsoulis
George Canellis
 Eleni Kouimelis Coordinates the Mentor Program.  
Nominating Peter Stamatis  A. Thomas Skallas  Evaluates and nominates candidates for open Officer, Director and Advisory Board positions of the HBA. The Nominating Committee is comprised of past Presidents of the HBA and is not open to participation by other members.
Scholarship Efie Vainikos
Frank Andreou
Eleni Kouiemlis  Solicits applications and selects deserving law students to receive scholarships. 
Scholarship Ball Eleni Kouimelis
Koula Fournier
 A. Thomas Skallas Plans and coordinates the annual Scholarship Ball 
Volunteer Pam Visvardis  Koula Fournier Coordinates volunteers for member events.
 Young Lawyers Dino Koutsoubas
Dean Kalant
Pam Visvardis
Koula Fournier  Plans young member events and facilitates participation among Regular members who have practiced law less than 10 years and Student members.

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