Student Peer Mentoring Program 


Attention all law students and aspiring law students.  The HBA is proud to announce its Student Peer Mentoring Program, made for law students by law students.

Senior law students (2Ls, 3Ls, LLMs, and recently graduated judicial law clerks) will be matched with incoming law students and undergraduate pre-law majors.  The mentoring program will last for a year, but we hope it will create lifetime friendships and bonds. 

The Student Peer Mentoring Program seeks to provide incoming law students with a smooth transition into their law school experience.  The peer mentors are available to help incoming law students navigate their way through 1L obstacles including exam preparation, law school internships, and finding a law school and personal life balance. 

The program also seeks to provide a support system for pre-law undergraduate in selecting a major, studying for the LSAT, and navigating through the law school application process.  Peer mentors will also be available to information on law school selection. 

To participate in the Student Peer Mentoring Program as either a mentor or a mentee, please send an email to